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iV on her Triump on the PCH Santa Monica Style '-)

iV on her Triump on the PCH Santa Monica Style '-)

On the Road with iV is about a girl on a bike. Well actually it is about a red-headed entrepreneurial super girl in training named iV that is constantly on the road via Nike’s, 747’s, Ducati’s, Audi’s or whatever gets her to next engagement while she is trying to bring some of the most inspiring stories to life.  We created a crafty little online show that allows iV to do her rainmaking business thing, feed her inner travel bug and interview entrepreneurs all across the planet while us producers keep up with her without logging over 100,000 air miles per quarter.

It is our goal to bring the viewer the inside stories and tips that future and current business owners want to know through the eyes, ears and passion that is iV. We try to keep it simple and focus on these core topics (& a few others) for each guest:

  • How they Made it Happen
  • Finding & Making Money
  • Lessons Learned
  • And…What the Future Holds for Them

We hope you truly enjoy the show, share our admiration of these bold individuals and are inspired to do bigger than life endeavors on your journey. We’ll be there right beside you when you do – trust me on that one my friends. Thanks for watching…The LG


LG Pictures
LG Pictures is an entertainment company that creates multimedia products and services for entrepreneurs and business owners. LG has filmed over 250 entrepreneurs & produced entrepreneur and small business content for over 75 videos, TV shows, documentaries and multimedia products for Fortune 500 companies, TV Networks, universities, non-profit organizations and a wide range of small business owners. LG has also created and produced a TV prime-time series for CNBC (American Made) featuring hi-profile entrepreneurs and has filmed online documentaries and various pilots/mini-series. LG specializes in story driven video content and production/event services designed for corporations marketing and selling to people following the entrepreneurial as they start and run small businesses.

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Essential Event Technologies
Essential Event Technologies offers its clients technology consulting & implementation services that allow them to successfully capture, enhance, deliver and monetize content created at conferences, live events, trainings that would otherwise rapidly diminish in value or ‘perish’ altogether. EET provides affordable technology to record & distribute complete speaker presentations from multiple meetings or multiple events to a single venue. EET technology also provides powerful solutions for live and on-demand video-based webcasting & web conferencing that facilitates unique online programming (like the platform used to in the recording and distribution of ‘On The Road With IV’), distance learning, remote coaching & the rapid course creation and delivery of educational content for online learning environments. In this way, EET is transforming the way content, information & knowledge is captured & conveyed; extending the reach & improving the effectiveness of business communication, training & marketing.